27 Dresses…

First, it was the Legend of 1900, then it was 27 Dresses…

It may be simply coincidence, or it could be because of the fact that I am only befriended with a particular group of people.

But I guess you can see how shocked I was when two different people recommended me to watch two different movies with two different reasons to watch them, and only after I’ve watched them that I remembered that she asked me to download for her and watch them.

27 Dresses is actually a quite stereotypical story about my-Mr.Right-is-dating-my-sister kind of things.Although there were some twist in the story, such as the “intruder” of the relationship, Kevin Doyle, who actively pursued Jane while she was left out by her Mr. Right, it is overall no more than an ordinary love story for the young girls.

However, there was one sense of the movie that I particularly like, was when Kevin was teaching Jane to say no in a bar.

Saying no is actually quite difficult, especially if you have to say no to someone special (in Jane’s case, it was her sister Tess). Many people choose to keep quiet over things that they are in discomfort with so that they could have a healthy relationship with the others.

However, such relationship are not likely to stay long because the it is already tainted, and as emotional creatures as human have always known as, the dirt in the relationship will explode if it is kept in the dark for too long.

In the movie, when Jane finally exposed what type of person Tess truly was, and therefore caused Tess to break up with Brian, it was understandable that Tess hated Jane for quite a long period. However, Jane did the right thing by preventing both her Mr. Right and her sister to fall into a tragedy in love.

It took her great courage to do so, knowing she may end up losing both Tess and Brian.

Tres bien, Jane, and to everyone reading this: learn to say no if you are not comfortable.

At least, that is what I always tried to do in my life.