Upgrade completed!

With one whole night of work and thinking I almost lost all my data, I am gladly announced here that my website, www.anyizhu.com, has completed the upgrade into the latest WordPress version of 2.3.1. Several things from my upgrade experience:

1. Backup the database. I was trying to get things done first and did not backup the database and files, and almost lost everything as a result of that. In fact, at one point of time, I thought I did lost everything. Fortunately, the most important plugin and theme folders in wp-content were not damaged and the backend SQL database were upgraded without any problem.

2. For some reason, Keith’s WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin did not work for my site:


Having said that though, it does not necessary the entire plugin does not work. In fact, it worked for many people as far as I know.

3. During the process of using Keith’s plugin, the backup files are available for you to download. Note that if you have the Windows Extractors for zip files, the folder seems to be empty when you open them. Do not worry, extract the files using the right-click functionality in WinRAR and the files would be seen.

For the latest release notes for WordPress, please take a look at this website:


WordPress, simply the best blogging software in the world πŸ™‚