Just finished watching Death Defying Acts…

And I have to say, the most powerful entity in this universe is nothing else but women.

Men could be fearless in front of death, men could be fearless in front of being beaten, but one thing that almost every single man is afraid of, is losing the woman in his heart.

This special woman could have many names: mother, lover, wife, daughter, and many more, but once the woman take away his heart, this man is no longer fearless.

I remembered once reading a Chinese novel saying that there used to be this woman who is strikingly beautiful and every single man who ever looked at her would be charmed by her.

She used her beauty to literally make the world she hoped to be, made thing happening exactly the way she wanted to see. Until in the end, when some people started to rebel against her and were trying to kill her.

However, the biggest problem they had, was that no matter what type of assassin they sent to take away her life, the assassin would always charmed by her.

In the end, they sent in a guy (sorry, apparently the author did not think ladies could be good assassins too, which I do not agree) who is neutered, hoping he could complete the task.

And guess what, even before the assassin got close to her, he was in turn, assassinated by other assassins who were charmed by her.

Another story actually pop into my mind was about a successful animal trainer in a circus. He was so successful in taming some of the most fierce beasts that he was visited by several prominent zoologists hoping to find his secret.

The answer was:”If you can not seize their bodies, seize there hearts.”

Somehow, men and beasts are amazingly close.